Primo’s Business Consulting service provides strategic and practical business consulting to the clients across different industries in order to empower them with the strategic insights to solve business challenges and escalate revenue opportunities. By viewing challenges uniquely from the client’s perspective, we identify the drivers that both support and impede development of strategic and tactical road maps, enabling us to resolve the client’s business challenges and uncover new revenue opportunities by means of well-rounded consultation.Our consultants possess the required expertise; experience and vision to help you successfully manage your business transformation. Primo offers following tailored services :

Business Consulting

Business Analysis

Business Analysis (BA) has become a practice important to the success of any organization. Business Analysis services help organisations successfully implement their growth strategy by assessing the ‘As-Is’ processes and helping to define the ‘To Be’ target operating model. Primo Business Analysis services can help your organisation deal with change effectively and efficiently, while helping to de-risk the process.

Steps Follows in Business Analysis

A. Requirement Gatheration,
B. Analysis & Gap Identification,
C. Solution Delivery with best practices,
D. Suggestion for Automation as a steady-state service:

Areas of Analysis :

  • Market Research Analysis
  • Sales Trend Analysis
  • Market Segmentation and Targeting
  • Econometric Modeling
  • Product Pricing and Positioning
  • Marketing Communication Planning
  • Product/Service level  improvement through Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Strategic Customer Management
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Inventory optimization

To be successful in delivering improved services to the customers Primo engages qualified and experienced Business Analysts and these will be deployed to ensure effective implementation outcome with proper monitoring.

Business Process Management:
Business Process Management[BPM] is a holistic, top-down management approach provided by Primo that focuses on optimizing business operations to maximize customer satisfaction. With its strong skilled industry experienced manpower, it starts with understating the existing process with proper operational data support i.e. TAT and other benchmark indexes or ratios and emphasis on probable changes to reach desired as well as optimized outcome.It involves organizing the existing business process by means of continuous improvement by clearly defined and documented processes and managing process life cycles
Business Planning:

Successfully launching a new business or initiative requires careful planning and the results of a business planning process are usually captured in a Business Plan.With a objective to provide a well proof Business Plan first, Primo is evaluating the environment in which the business is going to operate by analyzing the specific industry w.r.t market scope, vendors, competitors within it as feasibility study report.

The insight from this analysis and an understanding will shown by means of SWOT analysis combined with a set of expectations about the future from different secondary sources. Business Plan provided by Primo always coupled with creative and innovative thinking to develop a range of strategic options for evaluation the venture with business forecasts (notably for market demand from secondary / primary sources), financial projections and, in some cases, a range of valuations, as well as calculating various measures of performance.